Classic Way to Start The New Year

Well I think Emily Post gives you three weeks to wish someone a Happy New Year, so on the final day of eligibility, Happy New Year.  One of my New Year resolutions this year, is to read a book a month, business of otherwise.

This resolution goes hand in hand in sharing a book per month on the blog site for you to consider picking up for yourself.  For you consideration, I offer: Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

I call this one a timeless classic and you will quickly see why.  The beginning of the book is calling for market collapse, lack of trust within the banking structure in the US, and corporate greed… sound familiar?  Well this book was written almost 90 years ago, an published in the 1930’s and yet if felt like I was reading the newspaper today.

The premise of the book is based on Carnegie’s offer to Napoleon Hill to research the 100 most successful men of the time and find what common threads exist in their plans.  This task was not taken lightly, Hill did not set up 100 interviews and machine gun fire out his notes.  He spent over 20 years on this project, and when he was finished, he had created a cornerstone of business publications.

As you set your personal and business goals for this year, I encourage you to pick this gem up and memorize it,  I supplied the link for Amazon’s audio version to make it easy for you.

One other thing, I would like to hear from you,  I have been at this for a few months and I have had several comments about how people like the site.  I was hoping to hear what books you plan on reading this year.  Who know, maybe you and I could write a review together and publish it here. 

Thanks again for reading and chat with you next week.

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  3. Rich- great book! I love any books that remind us to take a step back and look at the big picture.

  4. Chuwee says:

    i like it Classic Way to Start The reinvigorated Year | This Week in Short Sales since im your rss reader

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