Calling Realtors doing Short Sales on Purpose

As I complete my 3rd full month of blogging, I’d like to thank all of the visitors, followers, and folks that have taken the time to comment on the site. I really appreciate the feedback. One of the things that I need to incorporate to the site, is a plug for what I/we do for a living at Sonoran Title.
Sonoran Title is a Title Company while we do all kinds of escrows; residential, commercial, refinance, and REO; we have allocated the most resources to Short Sales. Over the past four years we have helped agents in Arizona, Florida, and Colorado close Short Sales faster and more profitability.
Over the past few months, we have been expanding our footprint into eight (8) additional states; IL, IN, WI, IA, NY, WV, MA, and KY. We are recruiting Realtors specifically in these states to do the same. We have become very good at supporting Realtors to make good agents better and great agents awesome. So If you are a reader of this blog and are a resident of one of the eleven states Sonoran Title does escrow, I invite you to give us a call, if you like the content of the blog, you’ll love what we can do for your business.
If you are an agent outside if our network, stay tuned… we should be able to handle escrow in 16 other states before April 1, 2011 and it would be our pleasure to help. Thanks again for reading and have a great week.

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