Do Your Cutomers Know Who You Are?

If you look across the room at a red soda can with a white stripe down the side, you will immediately recognize it as a Coke can without having to even look at the letter C-O-K-E. That is the power of branding. The same can be said for Ikea… just look for the big blue building. From a few hundred feet away most people cannot tell the difference between a Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, or Lexus 250. But ask someone to identify a Corvette at the same distance and they can do it every time… again branding.
Same can and should be said for Agents. Do you or your mail pieces stick out in the mailbox? Can you tell the difference between your advertising and your competition? Most good agents will say yes, more importantly, their customers can do the same. Branding helps to build familiarity with your product and in this case the product is you. Branding saves the time of reintroducing yourself to a perspective client each time they see one of your collateral pieces. With effective branding you are able to get a better message across and repeat it over and over until it sinks in. Most media experts agree that the brain needs to see something seven times before it can recognize and relate to it.
Ever wonder why the ONE postcard you sent out did not generate a call? Most distressed homeowners will receive 50 to 60 pieces of advertising offering to short sale their house. If you sending one postcard you stand less than a two percent chance of them even considering you as an option, far less if they haven’t considered short selling their house. In order for agents to have direct mail success, they will need to send 3, 4 or even 5 different pieces with similar messages and branding to get their message through.
For the past few years we have been working with agent and helping to craft their message and make sure their advertising sticks out in the mailbox. If you think your marketing might need a tune up, give us a call and what we can do to help grow your business.

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