Stage Two: Anger

Stage Two: Anger. Anger can manifest itself in different ways. People that are emotionally upset can be angry with themselves, and/or others, especially those close to them, or those who are trying to help. Understanding this helps to stay detached and non-judgmental when experiencing whatever anger may be directed their way.
People, in this stage, also lash out at those trying to help, in many different ways. These actions range from not returning required paperwork to actual arguments over very small items about the listing. This phase can also help explain why many REO properties are destroyed as this is the only perceived outlet the homeowner has available to them to express their anger at the bank/economy/world.
Redirecting the anger is not always the best option. Remember, this is a stage that needs to be moved through and explored. While it might be easy to redirect self-imposed anger at the bank, or the economy, or the investors… exploring where their anger is might help in moving to the next step.

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