Stage 5 Acceptance

Stage Five: Acceptance – Dr. Kubler-Ross says arriving at this stage certainly indicates that there is some emotional detachment and objectivity to the current situation. It is important to note Dr. Kubler-Ross’s research shows that the terminally ill patient often arrives at this stage before family members. This is noteworthy because not all family members are going to be at the same stage at the same time. Looking for different signs between husband and wife or kids can often signal that there are disconnects in what stage different family members are in.
Again hope can play a hand in moving family members along to acceptance. Dr. Kubler-Ross goes to great lengths to explain that virtually every patient that held onto the notion of hope, or a last minute cure, made a much more graceful exit and died peacefully. Agents working with homeowners should remember that hope is a good thing. While waiting for the next government “cure” to the housing crisis might not be the best medicine, helping homeowners create their own sense of hope in the future, will create lifelong clients for the agent, and help to end this housing crisis sooner, rather than later, for all of us.

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