December Book Review – Shift

This month I had the chance to pick up Gary Keller’s book, Shift. I love the way he starts the book, he talks about Realtors leaving the profession in droves, housing prices going backwards, the market in overall chaos. Then he pulls the curtain back and lets the reader know he is talking about 1987.
It’s nice to hear veterans talk about their experience. Every business book will tell you that business goes in cycles; we have our up periods, our down periods, and our tweener stages. Keller takes the reader through each stage and tells you what to do, how to do it, and more importantly, what he did to stay successful. More to the point, he walks you through what he did back then and then brings in another Realtor to talk about what they did to stay successful. Keller is very careful to bring in Top Agents across the county, in the Phoenix Market: Russell Shaw and Mike Mendoza are allowed share sections of their business plan.
The book has plenty of checklists and recipes for success. Without giving away the farm on this book I would like to talk about 2 such suggestions that left very good impressions with me. First, Act Your Wage. I love this premise, if you would like to earn $250,000 per year, you should live the calendar of someone that makes that kind of money. Not spend that kind of money, just schedule yourself as if you were that kind of person.
The second notion is that you should manage your operation by leading with expense control. It is far too easy to sit back and try to create grand plans for world domination and hire the staff and equipment for world domination before the first dollar of revenue is through the door. These type of lessons are good for any business owner, not just a Realtor.
At the end of the day, lots of good things to be had in this book and for the Realtor looking to start the year off right… a very good read.

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  1. Love this book! Couldn’t agree more with keeping expenses low! That is our motto over here!

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