Webinar Archive

Webinar Archive

Each month our Focus Group “meets” via webinar to discuss various topics and more importantly, network and brainstorm with other Realtors across the country about short sale strategy.  Typically our meetings last about an hour.  Below is an Archive of past meetings and the respective URL to view the meeting.

November 2010         http://sonoran.remotetlit.com/novmeeting.wmv

December 2010          http://sonoran.remotetlit.com/decmeeting.wmv

Janurary 2011           http://sonoran.remotetlit.com/janmeeting.wmv

February Lunch n Learn     http://sonoran.remotetlit.com/febLNL.wmv

February 2011           http://sonoran.remotetlit.com/febmeeting.wmv

March Lunch n Learn          http://sonoran.remotetlit.com/marLNL.wmv

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